3 months active at youtube

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Today I am active at youtube for about 3 months. My first video was uploaded at the 24st of August. I have a lot of fun posting my musicvideo’s at youtube.

In this 3 months I did 2 Ronald Jenkees drumcovers and as response to my first video “Let’s Ride” Ronald sent me an email. After he had seen my 2nd video “Disorganized Fun” he posted my drumcover at his youtube V-log.

I’ve met a nice very nice guy who is making awesome hiphop beats. We did some chats and decided we should do a track together wich resulted in a nice drumcover wich will probably be online the first week of December. Who will be this guy ?!?!?!

I have got an youtube-award wich is [#96 most viewed NL musician of October] and also one wich is [#67 most viewed NL musician of the 30th October]. I also reached 150+ subscribers in this 3 months wich could be worse in my opinion.

Thanks for watching my video’s.

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